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An in depth explanation of our “FBA Offers” page.

Do you sell on Amazon FBA?

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Already selling on Amazon FBA?

If you already sell on Amazon FBA, you don’t need to be told that the hardest parts of the business is finding products that sell quickly and profitably. This page is catered to your needs. We hunt down the hottest deals that are backed by a 10 point system check from many wholesalers. All the data is on the page so that you can research items with ease. When you buy with us, you know that you will be buying wholesale products that are going to be profitable on your amazon store.

Why should I work with Pallet Fly? is a revolutionary website that uses technology to help you build profits and lower costs when buying wholesale. We offer a wide array of free resources and training tools that we are constantly upgrading. On this particular page, we are helping sellers like you find wholesale products to sell on Amazon FBA.

The site was built by you with you.

We are constantly tweaking the site based on your feedback. Regardless if you are a supplier or buyer, we listen! We would be glad to speak with you to discuss any features or tools you would like to see implemented on our site.

Pallet Fly’s 11 point checklist for Amazon FBA Sellers (Our Secret Sauce)

We base our projections off several key factors. These are all clearly spelled out on our listings which you can verify.

  1. Verifying Product Listing: Believe it or not, wholesalers don’t always understand how important it is for an Amazon seller to have the exact item that is being sold on Amazon. A slight variation in packaging, branding, or item condition may not mean anything to them, but it may cost you your business! We verify with vendors that items we offer are exactly the items being sold on amazon.
  2. Common Sense Check: When looking to buy wholesale products to sell on Amazon FBA, it is easy to become tangled in ranking and buy box pricing. There are some factors you should never forget. Such as:
  • Seasonal Merchandise
  • Item’s Actual Value
  • Competing Listings that have a similar item for cheaper
  1. Item Feedback: We check if an item has under 3 stars on amazon + minimum 10 reviews. This will mean too many returns which will eat into your profits.
  2. Rank & Price History: Just because a product has a great rank and has high pricing today, doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. We research the price history using camelcamelcamel & keepa to check for any inconsistencies with the current rank & price. Links for the history on both these sites is provided on the listing page.
  3. Amazon directly selling this item: We know that Amazon matches pricing and hogs the buy box to kill out 3rd party sellers. We check to see if amazon is selling an item and has consistent stock.
  4. Restrictions: If an item has a brand or category restriction, you may not be able to list it for sale on Amazon. We check Amazon Seller Central for any restrictions and post them on the product offer. For brand restricted items, we offer invoices that will help ensure that you will get approved to sell the item on amazon. (Invoices are never guaranteed)
  5. Competition Overview: We want to help you avoid price drops and low buy box rotation when selling on amazon. We check to see how many competitors there are and how many units they have in stock.
  6. Return on Investment: One of the most important things to consider when you are buying wholesale to sell on amazon, is the ROI to expect. We have clear projections listed on the site that can be easily verified.
  7. Length of Investment: The most important factor when buying wholesale to sell on amazon is how long it is going for you to get your money out of the products. We have a projection listed on our product page for the sellout & recoup days. The estimated sales volume is based off the rank which we than use to calculate how long it will take to sell.
  8. Shipping Calculation: Shockingly, the cost of shipping items to amazon FBA can easily eat away at your profits. We include a rough estimation into the equation when checking the margins.
  9. Shop Around: It is always a good idea to see what the lowest offering for this item is across the web. We try to add the item’s google shopping profile if it is available

Does Pallet Fly stock products listed on the site?

No. Our focus is to help you source deals. If we had to take on the added risk and focus on moving items we have in stock, we would not be able to keep our focus on our customers. These offers are sourced from 3rd party vendors that we aggregate. We maintain profitability by marking up the products a small percentage of the total sale.

Great! I found an item I want to invest in. Now what?

Sweet! We are excited to work with you. Get in touch with us via phone, email, text, social media, whatsapp, live chat to setup an account and place orders.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is a service that Amazon provides. They do all your warehousing and shipping. To learn more about starting an Amazon FBA business, please visit our resource database. (Coming Soon)