Parrot Zik 3 - Black Leather-grain
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MOQ Price: $60,900.00

Unit Price: $203.00
Minimum Order: 300 units
#6,453 in Electronics > Headphones
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Buyer's Responsibility

Investment Details

Cost Details:

QTY 300
Price Per Unit $203.00
Subtotal $60,900.00
Estimated Shipping Cost $100.00
Total Cost $61,000.00
Total Cost Per Unit $203.33

Profit Details:

Current Buy Box $302.99
FBA Net $267.05
Profit Per Unit $63.72
Return on Investment 31.3%
Total Profit $19,115.00
Days to Recoup 228
Days to Sellout 157

Cash Flow Timeline:

Daily Sales 1/$267.05
Monthly Sales 57/$15,221.85
Yearly Sales 360/$96,138.00

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